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I recently made the decision to move this type of writing into my own personal blog vs my Web3 newsletter. I did this for one main reason, and that was mostly because I did not want to detract from Web3 with my own shenanigans. I felt that some users may not want to be there as I explored my creative journey. Now the newsletter is strictly web3, collectible and culture. While this blog here will serve as my own avenue of writing and my learning as I create a web3 media company (whatever that means).

The next big change I made this past week was renaming the newsletter from Weekend Degen Report to 0773H Weekly Report (will refine still). Reason for this was, I was at event with people from the web3 space and it just felt a bit odd to say the name of my newsletter when I am art focused. Although in some way or another I am sometimes a degen or shithead at heart, my focus and what makes my newsletter different from others is I strictly focus on art and not really on pfps. Something I learned as I am now 50+ issues deep. So it felt, yet again, I had to tweak this name.

I was thinking of a name that was a reflection of me, domain was available, was short and sweet. OG’s 452b rebrand had me thinking. And since I am boomer in the crypto space, I landed on finding a way to make the old calculator language growing up to work as a brand name for a media company. Boobs didn’t work or make sense although it is hilarious. Hello is a universal world or close to none, so it made sense and 0773H was born. I chose to replace the 4 in 07734 because it doesn’t really look like an h to honest, unless I was extremely high or drunk. A capital H looks the same upside down as well. The domain, ENS, the everything was free so I landed on that. And it is extremely flexible, from 0773H Weekly, Daily, Spaces, etc. it can be applied really well to many media aspects.

I went about testing if a specific group of people would get this (specifically my type of people). So I tweeted it out and quickly people started writing back in calculator language, so I was happy to see those results.

Lastly, I reached out to some artist to get some more features going so you will see more of that content dropping soon on my newsletter. I have also decided to spend a bit more time on Farcaster than Twitter as it seems my tweets just die in Twitter so matter what I try and I seem to have a better shot at converting people who read my messages to readers of my newsletter on Farcaster than Twitter. It makes sense as well as Farcaster right now is heavily crypto heavy so people are more open to subscribing than on Twitter. If you would like to join me on there, you can use this link.

I’ll leave it at that for now and write another update soon as I have been experimenting with doing some type of daily content from an art web3 perspective so stay tuned.

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