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1-2-3: Getting Older

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As my birthday approaches and passes, I can't help but think of my past, present and future. Which puts me in a weird mood to be honest. I've been a father now for over a year and even that reminds me of what we as individuals carry which is our past and our parents wants and desires. Our current self and what we want and desire and the path we are creating now and now that I have a kid, what I want for her. It is a trip and makes me appreciate the things my parents did for me.

Another thought was around, how much longer I keep doing this. I currently write a newsletter that has been picking up traction but not at the pace of other peers of mine. I still have this thought in my head, at what point do I stop and asses if I should continue. This tweet by Jason Cohen is absolutely right, time is what I bargain with right now. I give my time to my company, my personal side hustle, family and more.

I've been delving deeper and deeper into Farcaster. So I looked into running a node for Farcaster and found a solution that seemed straight forward.

Gallery is a tool i've used in the past to show off my NFT collection. And they recently tapped into the social graph of Farcaster and it brings immense benefits in doing this. I felt galleries where missing a bit of discoverability. For example, I cannot find my friends gallery without going to their linktree or asking them for a link, with them tapping into the social graph now I can.

The usage of the coin DEGENhasreallytakenoffandthisdeploymentof[MarchMadnesswithDEGEN]( is slick.

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