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After School Special #6

I officially have been working and learning about Python for over a month now. It is crazy how fast time flies; my leave of absence feels like an eternity ago.

The funny thing about learning Python for the past month is that first week I was ready to quit. I even managed to email our teacher and tell him I couldn’t do it and that it wasn’t for me. It may have been a mixture of my person life problems and with how difficult it was to wrap my head around all of it. Whatever it was, I was glad to know that by speaking to the people that care about me I was able to take a breath and realize that failing was okay even in my time of hardship. Because of that moment I now know that Python isn’t some crazy idea that I had in my head, it is something that I can do.

Although I still have a long way to learn more about Python, I now have a base on how to proceed. I can now read on my own and understand concepts and now is just learning more and practicing more (codewars here I come). I have found a community (shoutout to that can help me along the way. Add that with I am surrounded by engineers at my company who can help. I can only see myself learning more and hopefully one day adding it to the list of skills I have, to my resume.

Sort of a ramble, but the internet is truly a crazy place. I don’t know if the people that originally created it had any idea of how big or how much of a unique place it would be. Or at least the impact it would have on the world. But I am thankful for it, not just for the entertainment but the fact that there are places that people gather and have lively discussions regarding almost any topic you can think of. The reason for mentioning this is that r/dailyprogrammer has already been some help in continuing to practice and help think of problems more differently.

Until next time, next post will probably be about Titanfall 2

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