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Back To The Swamp Post #5

What a day! It has been a chaotic couple of weeks but it feels good to have a life back on track. For those that have read my previous posts, I ran into some issues on timing regarding my work permit. Everything was done properly and the immigration found a new way on messing thousands of people’s work permits.

This included me. Luckily for me, I work at an amazing company that realized the circumstances were out of my control and I am back at work after being gone for a month. I feel blessed to work such a great place where they care about employees.

I do however feel bad for those that aren’t as fortunate as me and lost their jobs over this fiasco. I wish them all the best of luck on getting their lives back together and this type of treatment is unfair to those that do their due diligence.

It is funny to think that the day I come back from work is Halloween. A day where people get to dress up and use creativity (which I lack haha) and feel like kids again. On this day, I can’t help but feel a bit of both. While I am happy to be back and happy in general the idea that all this happiness can be taken away from me at any time is a scary idea.

I apologize for going a bit of radio silence recently. I ended up going to Oregon and signing up for a Python course.

Python is great new language that I am attempting to learn. I found this course online through Reddit and so far, it is worth every penny. I feel motivated and encouraged to learn, make mistakes and spend countless hours reading more and more. I am having a blast. Although I am not getting things as quickly as other, I feel that it is so far a great learning experience.

Pushing yourself to learn new and different things can always be hard but very rewarding. There have been times where I have thought about throwing in the towel, to the point I emailed the teach and mentioned this.

After speaking with some friends and self-reflection I realized that I shouldn’t shy away from something like this. Instead, I should embrace that this is making me learn new things about myself. And after pushing myself some more, I can finally say I know a little bit more about Python.

Maybe one day I will consider myself intermediate or advanced but until then, I will need to continue grinding and pushing myself to learn more. If anyone has any more tools or sites that help learn Python, let me know.