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Beginning of Building a Site, Post #2

Alright, since my last post I attempted to build a site. I think I did more research on what would be the easiest way than actually doing anything haha. I ended up using Weebly as that was one that many people said for a non-technical person that would be best. I have a published site now, check it out

I wasn’t too sure what exactly I should put on it since I don’t really make anything (portfolio) that would require me to show off to get a job (I work in legal lol). But I still went ahead and built it so I could say I have a site since it seems that everyone here in the valley has one. It may not be fancy or the coolest but it is a start. I am sure not many guys in legal have even a simple website like mine. I will keep browsing to get more inspiration and maybe throw in some pics I take once I get my Sony A7ii.

One thing I did learn from all this was using a proxy to purchase the domain. On the ICANN look up you can see all your information if you don’t use a proxy. Luckily I got that sorted right away as I would hate to call spam calls for a cellphone number that I have had now for over 13 years.

Next thing I need to learn is how to embed a Google Photos album directly on the site. Manually loading pictures into the site seems cumbersome and there has to be a way to get a public album and share it through a website. I will spend more time researching that next time. Need to pace myself with all these projects.

Lastly, Google and Youtube are Godsend when it comes to learning on your own. How the hell did we get things done before?! I still remembe

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