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Review Titanfall 2 Post #7

I am usually a big gamer but after finally playing the Last of Us for the first time early in the year, I took a huge break from gaming. I definitely needed a break after playing that game, and they just announced part 2!!!

Anyways, people kept telling me to play Titanfall 2 and to give it a try. I must say when the PS4 was first announced and Titanfall was an Xbox exclusive I lost a lot of interest in the game. Many people were also saying that the game was lacking which made me hesitant for this one.

But I am glad I took a chance and bought it. Not only am back into gaming mode because of this game but I might just crack open the backlog games that I have. It is interesting timing on the release of this game as many people are aware. As someone who was looking to get back into gaming, it felt like a tough decision between the new Battlefield game, COD4 and this game.

I think if you pick up Titanfall 2 you will not be disappointed. I don’t want to spoil the campaign that much for those who haven’t played it but it is a nice mix of straight shoot em up style, crazy robot fighting and some puzzles as well.

Somewhere about halfway in the single player campaign the intensity level just cranks up. I have played shooters before so I went for the harder version for more of a challenge and boy was it awesome in harder difficulties. Well worth the reward at the end, and I hope that they get the chance to make Titanfall 3 and release it at a better time when it doesn’t need to compete with Battlefield and COD.

If you are not into campaign modes, this game has an awesome online multiplayer. Although the user base is slightly small, the game modes and games in general are fun, balanced, and pure chaos. And the chao portion is just awesome. I find myself running around, shooting, jumping, avoiding all types of dangers.

Titan fighting can be enjoyable, and when you throw into the mix some objectives, the game shines even more. I can put this game on mixtape mode and just sit back and do what I need to do. Have fun with friends, strangers and dominate.

On a scale of 1–10, I give this game a 8 in campaign and 8.5 in multiplayer and overall somewhere between those numbers haha. Just buy it and enjoy the game, you will not regret it. With all the sales that it is having as well, it is most definitely worth more than 30$ but if you get it near that it is even more bang for your buck.

If anyone has a PS4 and wants to play. Hit me up. Catch you guys on the next one.