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The Introduction, Post #1

They say the best way to learn something is to just start. With this post I plan to accomplish that. I have been debating the very nature of this for quite some time and realized that I was spending way more time doing that than actually starting.

Although the reason for starting is not something I would wish on anyone else(will share next Monday). I am here now, writing and doing what I am not very good at doing in person. I am starting blog!

I am starting a blog because I have been curious about this idea of sharing my thoughts and stories with the world. Although it is nerve wrecking to think that I will be sharing my thoughts with the world the chances are high enough were no one will read them so I will be safe :)

This will be a short post on introducing myself to you and maybe on what exactly I will be writing about/schedule.

My name is Juan and I currently reside in the Bay Area. I have lived in the USA since I was one-year-old and have been in the immigration system for over 25 years now! I work in the Silicon Valley and I grew up in a bubble of world called Marin County. I am probably somewhere in the middle between your typical Californian and one of 664, 607 special immigrants in a weird situation here in the USA.

My proposed schedule is that on Mondays I will be writing a more free/open style of topics and discussions. This can range from personal stories, to my upbringing and whatever really floats into my mind.

On Wednesday I will write about new projects or tasks that I have always wanted to do and actually doing them. I will write about some issues I encounter regarding this project (building a website, etc.) My hope is that we can learn together and if other people have suggestions on how to get better on said task or project I will do them.

On Fridays I will be speaking about current books, comics, TV, movies that I am reading/watching. It will be a time to share my thoughts on all mediums and I hope to have a lively discussion regarding these new stories/mediums.

And finally on Sundays I will be speaking about sports, teams that I like and sports related news. There are a ton of sports that I follow and I know there are plenty of people in the world that love to speak about sports. So this one will be fun.

I will see you all on Wednesday as I try and build a really simple website for myself and possibly. I will probably fail but at least I can start and learn where to go from there. I will report back with my progress.