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Y The Last Man trade paperback #1.

Y The Last Man trade paperback #1. What a great story and captivating. This started off with a bang and continued strong through out.

If you haven't read this, there may be some spoilers, just a heads up. We get introduced to a guy named Yorick and he ends up being the main character. As I am sure many of you are aware, he ends up being the last man in the world (sort of).

It is sort of like a Mad Max Fury Road type of story telling. We get thrown into the deep end and learn as we go. Yorick is young and wants to get to his girl who is in Australia. But his development in such a short of amount of time changes very quickly.

Yorick seems to me like a typical stereotypical millennial (I'm one myself). The authors did a great job at dissecting society in such a quick amount of time. They had great ideas like if only women existed countries with mandatory military service including for women would do okay. In this case, Israel. It was an interesting and fascinating idea to realize and made the world more real.

I'd definitely recommend anyone to pick this up. I didn't want to spoil it much but it's great read and very captivating.

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